Ever wished you can be camera ready 24 hours a day? Permanent make up makes that dream a reality. This popular trend won the hearts of thousands. A skilled professional can help you reduce natural flaws, correct asymmetrical features, or brighten up your eyebrows and lips. Permanent make up is a perfect fit for busy professionals, focused on achieving their goals, while still looking stunning, fitness professionals and enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to save time on makeup applications. It lifts all your worries about make up stains on your clothes or the need to fix or brighten your make up throughout the day or night.


  •   Customized look
  •   Lasting results for 1 to 3 years
  •   Realistic look
  •   Make Up Effect
  •   Shape Correction and Definition
  •   Full and Natural Look
  •   Color Correction



What we offer for eyebrows is known as the ‘Star Dust technique.’ This method helps to create a fading effect, similar to the shadow effect. The front of your eyebrow is light gradually going darker throughout your eyebrow. After analyzing your skin tone, face structure, eye shape your permanent makeup artist will select the perfect shade and shape for you and your face. If you believe the pain will be unbearable we do have a topical anesthetic cream to numb the area for the process. This is a two session procedure and a touch up is recommended after 6-8 weeks of your first appointment. Brows enhance your appearance as your results will be subtle and natural.


As with every procedure you will be asked to fill out a consent and medical release form. Permanent eyeliner can be applied to both top and bottom. When you wake up every morning to apply your eyeliner, sometimes you have no time, sometimes you have to redo it because the first time you rushed too much and sometimes you wish you could just skip the extra step of getting ready! If you are a loyal eyelash extension wearer, eyeliner would be great in helping to minimize the effect of sparse lashes when you haven’t had the time to run in for a fill. It can be extremely defining and can help dramatically in accentuating your eyes. Like with any other procedure you are in complete control of the shape, look and thickness you desire. Touch ups are recommended to keep the depth of the color and guarantee you lasting results.


Sometimes larger lips aren’t the solution yet defined ones may be just what you are looking for. When looking at the before and after picture do keep in mind the after photo is taken immediately after when lips are swollen and the color is intense. Within a few days the swelling goes down and the color will begin to peel which is entirely normal and fade into a natural tone. You will also be required to fill out a consent form as well as answer some medical questions to ensure a safe procedure. With age our lips do tend to shrink and loose there shape, as they can also become very thin and flat. With this process you can add natural color to your lip as well as to the outer border of your lip where our lip color tends to fade most quickly.


Permanent Makeup Prices

Eyebrows $500.00
Eyeliner Top $500.00
Eyeliner Bottom $500.00
Eyeliner Top and Bottom $500.00
Lip contour $500.00
Lips Full pastel $500.00
Beauty Mark $100.00

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