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Microblading aka microstroking, embroidery, feather touch, and hair like strokes is a form of semi-permanent makeup. It is safe yet durable to last when you want it to. The best part is the amazing life-ike results it captures in your eyebrows. Whether you need a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair, Microblading can enhance the appearance by simulated hair of fine deposits containing cosmetic tattoo pigments. These scratches imbue the hair-like strokes over bald patches that resemble authentic, natural hairs. It’s the best technique available today for those who are looking to have beautiful, full and natural eyebrows again after a lifetime of over plucking or unfortunate hair falling caused by diseases such as cancer and alopecia. Call us today for more information (212) 938-1188

Completely Safe

At iLash Salon, we pride ourselves on using the highest-quality pigments and surgical equipment. Every item is sanitized, sterilized, and kept in perfect condition at all times. All of our needles are disposable and replaced with every patient and procedure for hygienic reasons. By using only the certified, top-of-the-line pigments from reputable companies, we minimize the chances of allergic reactions, swelling, and breakouts. Our staff members have undergone rigorous training to be qualified and have thousands of mastering hours under their belts. We consistently review new practices and procedures to see what techniques will better serve our clientele.

$250 off

New Customers Only

Relaxing Atmosphere

This is a day at the spa. Even if you only come in for a 30 minute procedure, we want to take the stress of the day off your shoulders. You will find our soothing music, quiet ambiance, and clean fragrance enjoyable enough to let the time relief your weary soul. All the while, knowing that you are beautifying your face and spirit right here in Manhattan.

Pre-Procedural Advice

Drink plenty of water leading up to the session. Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic beverages and other diuretics.

We strongly discourage strenuous physical activities such as working out the day of your appointment as it increases open pores which hamper the procedure.

Stay out of direct sunlight and schedule your appointment after your skin has healed from any sunburns.

Microblading Procedure

Microblading your eyebrows will require two separate sessions. The first session will apply the pigment to each eyebrow while the next (at least 4 weeks after) will capture the feathering of the hair. Although microblading is technically a form of tattooing, the area in which the pigment is applied will dissolve over a short time of a few months or can be bleached back to normal using light acids. We are currently running a special discount to new clients of $250 off the regular $750 price. We are sure once you see our wonderful environment and pain-free procedures that produce the most magnificent results, you will become a lifelong client and friend of iLash Salon (212) 938-1188


Microblading Prices

Microblading $750 (2 sessions) First time client $500

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