Ilash salon presents our newest service of tattoo removal! CRC I+II Non laser tattoo removal is a new and upcoming technique used to remove any old and unwanted tattoos whether they are permanent makeup or regular tattoos! CRC is a two-step removal process, the first step is done in the salon and the second step you are responsible for at home in order to continue the removal of the pigment. How fast you see results as well as how many sessions you will require will all depend on how long you have had the tattoo, how deep the pigment is in your skin, how big or small your tattoo is and your metabolism rate. There is no anesthesia required as the process is comfortable enough for you to handle without. This method eliminates the possibility of scarring and scabbing as it is laser free. The result will depend on your compliance with the at home care step of the procedure.

CRC I+II Non Laser Tattoo Removal Benefits

  •   Removes colors that laser cannot recognize such as white, red and pink
  •   Pain free! No anesthesia required
  •   Does not scar or scab
  •   Allows you to wear makeup 24 hrs after the procedure
  •   Allows you to wet the area 24 hrs after the procedure
  •   Procedure itself is up to 60 minutes
  •   No hypo and hyperpigmentation, area can be exposed to the sun!
  •   Does not change color of the tattoo to green while in the process of removing
  •   CRC I+II Tattoo removal – $100 & up

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