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If your fear of needles has stopped you from getting microblading, or you’re not quite ready for the commitment that comes with permanent makeup, brow lamination may be the best thing for you. Stop by iLash NYC and ask for the eyebrow lamination. The complete process is simple and painless and lasts several weeks. Our $135 pricing is also on special for first-time customers at an incredibly marked down price of $95 which includes eyebrow architecture, tinting, and waxing for NY, NJ states. Call us today for more information (212) 938-1188

Completely Safe

All products used within the walls of iLash NYC are non-toxic and 100% safe for use on sensitive areas such as near and around the eyelids. We only use disposable applicators and replace them with each patient to ensure maximum hygiene for all.

$250 off

New Customers Only

Relaxing Atmosphere

This is a day at the spa. Even if you only come in for a 30 minute procedure, we want to take the stress of the day off your shoulders. You will find our soothing music, quiet ambiance, and clean fragrance enjoyable enough to let the time relief your weary soul. All the while, knowing that you are beautifying your face and spirit right here in Manhattan.

Pre-Procedural Advice

Drink plenty of water leading up to the session. Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic beverages and other diuretics.

We strongly discourage strenuous physical activities such as working out the day of your appointment as it increases open pores which hamper the procedure.

Stay out of direct sunlight and schedule your appointment after your skin has healed from any sunburns.


First, a keratin-infused straightening solution is applied to the brows followed by a setting solution, then it’s finished off with a tint (different color options) and the desired shaping of the brows. Less invasive than microblading, with shiny, feathery, beautiful flawless results. We are sure once you see our wonderful environment and pain-free procedures that produce the most magnificent results, you will become a lifelong client and friend of iLash Salon (212) 938-1188


Brow Lamination Price

Brow Lamination (Tinting and Waxing included) : $135. First-time client – $95

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